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What a day for Baams Away! The enigmatic minds behind Google have deemed Baams Away to be one of the best games on the market placing it at a prime location on the featured games list. A big thanks to them and all of our new fans! We have some awesome projects in the works so check back soon to see what our next new and exciting game will be. Also, fear not iPhone havers – Baams Away for iOS is making major progress so soon you too may join in on the fun.

Another big update for Baams Away today! Among the changes are a completely new upgrade mode, increased number of free to play levels, golden sheep appearing in normal levels, and 11 new levels for all of you who purchased the game putting the total count at 15 for all of the worlds. The upgrade system allows you to spend wool to drastically increase the potency of both primary and secondary bombs as well as increasing the frequency and value of golden sheep.

Our next patch will include leaderboards, achievements, and a few new upgrades.