About Us

Bearded Eye is a Portland based software developer crew consisting of two brothers who design and create gaming apps for your mobile device. We understand games, we know what makes them fun, and we want to create games that you will want to play and enjoy. We are passionate about our products and continually support and update them. Bearded Eye is committed to creating a smooth and immersive experience – so if you encounter any issues or bugs please let us know at [contact_info color=”red” email=”support@beardedeye.com”] and we will fix them as soon as possible!

The Developers


Zach Krausnick

Role – Coding/Graphics

Skills – Java, Actionscript, C++, Graphics – drawing, photoshop, illustrator, music

Bio – Creator of awesomeness. Enjoyer of good times. Traveler of the world. Student of the universe.

[contact_info color = “green” email=”zach@beardedeye.com”]




Colin Krausnick

Role – Level Designer/Sound/Whatever Zach doesn’t want to do

Skills – Game design, web design, music/sound effects, novice programmer & graphic designer

Bio – This is an exciting era for video games – handheld and otherwise. Gaming is a medium that exists in relative infancy; one that is consistently changing as genres are refined and platforms updated. The concepts behind game design are becoming more developed and mature as game developers are branching out; pushing gaming from adolescence into adulthood. I look at what others are doing and have done as rudimentary guidelines and then bring my own experiences and ideas to create what I think gamers want and what I as a gamer think can be improved upon. Video games and I grew up together and they undeniably left a prominent mark on my life – inspiring me to make games that do the same for others. I hope what I create contains some “essence” that will have a positive impact on those who play it as countless games have had on me.

[contact_info color=”orange” email=”colin@beardedeye.com”]