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Baams Away is an arcade/action/puzzle game that caters to one common interest between everyone: blowing up sheep with bombs! The objective of the game is to score as many points as you can using not only your primary explosive bomb but also an exciting array of other ordinance. Learn the secrets of the sheep and use their unique mechanics against each other to create massive combos. Collect all the stars on over thirty levels through three mystical worlds as you hone your bombing accuracy. Baams Away!


Fenris reread the letter, “Attention Captain Fenris,” it began. No one had called him by his title since the third great sheep uprising, and that had been decades ago. “You are the last of the old guard,”¬† the letter continued, “we desperately need you once more. The sheep have returned in unfathomable numbers. Your legendary Zeppelin and Boundless Bomb Barrage saved us from the Sheepocalypse in the past, we need you to do so again. You were a great hero long ago, your country and your people need that hero one more time.” Fenris carefully folded the letter and let loose a long, tired sigh. “I’m getting too old for this…” he mumbled to himself as he headed to the hanger where his Zeppelin gathered dust. There would be time to feel old in the future, now was the time for action.

Meet the Sheep




The most prolific and common sheep. White sheep gather in massive herds and have no special abilities or tricks to speak of. They are good target practice for beginners.



Rocket sheep are known for their daredevil attitudes. With homemade rockets strapped to their back these sheep blast across the grassy plains. Make them run into other sheep for huge combos!



These swift and agile sheep are capable of dodging explosions. Try and hit them again after they have used up their smoke bombs.



No one knows where the deadly Samurai sheep train, but their skill with the Katana is indisputable. They sprint quickly across the terrain, shearing wool as smoothly as a knife through butter.



These poor sheep shouldn’t have taken a swim in the frozen waters at the end of the world. When bombed they will leave behind their icy exterior causing all sorts of mischief.



What do you do if you have an anger problem? According to the rams the first step is to stop calling it a problem. Unleash their rage and watch them bulldoze everything in their way.





A very volatile sheep. Something in their wool makes them extremely combustible. Try to start chain reactions of explosive sheep to build up large combos.



These crafty sheep have developed personal shielding devices to protect themselves from bombs. Hit them twice or run a rocket sheep into them to obtain their precious blue wool.



Through a strict diet of twenty pounds of grass a day, Sumo sheep have grown to a massive size. Due to their girth other sheep bounce off of them like pinballs.



Firework sheep never learned to not run around with explosives tied to their backs, use this to your advantage. Hit them to launch a beautiful – and deadly – fireworks display!



Learning to live in the harsh north reaches is no easy task. However, the viking sheep have it easier than most due to their massive fire-imbued war axes. How did they get those anyway?



The majestic Rammoths wander the frozen tundra, encasing their bodies in a protective icy barrier. Destroy them before they can recover their defenses.


Arcade Mode




The most holy of sheep. It is said, and for good reason, that bombing them brings bad luck. Accidentally hit one of these guys and beware the demons’ wrath!



Midas’ touch turns everything into solid gold. However, instead of rendering these sheep inanimate they became much faster! Weird.




Sheep created from pure evil and mischievousness. The longer you face them the faster they become. Watch out because nothing good can come of letting them touch you.

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