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The Wisdom of trees and of the ages is what guide us. Once we are clear, our creations align.

We make art, games, and tools to assist in the spiritual awakening and healing of every human. We leverage cutting edge technologies and time honored healing practices to assist our collective shift into one in which we are all resonating with love. This is why we are creating Eden.
Our core wounds are our biggest challenge and gift. We transmute the painful challenges of Loss, Co-Dependence, Abuse, and Neglect into the high values of Gratitude, Confidence, Strength, and Care. Empowering individuals and healing trauma is our collective calling.


Zach blends Virtual Reality and emerging technology into fully immersive experiences. He has created numerous award winning projects that continue to push the boundary of what is possible.

Zach Krausnick
∞ Programmer ∞

Cleveland Brown

Cleveland has managed tech teams from some of the largest enterprises in the world. Clear and Focused, he can facilitate any team meeting deadlines with seamless efficiency.

Cleveland Brown
∞ Operations ∞

Mark Lee

Visionary and Artist, Mark dreams and breathes worlds into creation. Mark has designed a platform to bridge the etheric into the physical and back and has the team and backing to make it a reality.

Mark Lee
∞ Dreamer ∞


Starsinger is a pleiadian incarnate, a gifted clarvoyant, claraudient and clairsentient. Starsinger is helping to awaken Starseeds and Galactics through a life devoted to Traditional ceremonies from around the worlde

∞ Galactic Technician ∞ Seven7Sisters Prophecy

Ken Shombala

Ken has taught in the top Yoga studios in L.A. and studied under Spiritual Masters in Peru and India. His breadth of experience and clarity of heart and with a lazer focus purpose allows him to architecht the collective vision with fluidity and grace.

Ken Shombala
∞ Architect ∞

Sara Lisa Vogl

Sara bridges the esoteric and electronic. She has facilitated shamanistic healings in ether-space and bridges the future possibilities into the present through clear insight and deep understanding.

Sara Lisa Vogl
∞ Shaman ∞

The Projects

Virtual Reality is fast hitting the mainstream. With the Oculus Quest releasing in Spring 2019, affordable and high quality VR will become a household norm.

With the potential to create fully immersive experiences comes great responsibility. Our team has produced many award winning Experiences that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and enlightening about this technology. The question that arises is "What is the true potential of the technology that we create and how does that then shape us?
Eden is a game of cultivation; plants, friends, and mindfulness. Our extensive background in game design as well as meditative and healing practices enables us to make experiences that appeal to the mainstream while sideloading them with the tools and skills to be loving and full humans. Look deeper into the world of Eden.

The effect of sound and intentions on our health are profound.

Aum is a full body tonal actualizer. We are creating a highly flexible tool of self actualization by weaving elements of binaural rhythms, biofeedback, ai driven diagnostic "angels", soundscapes, and guided meditations. Aum exists as a standalone app and as a module inside of Eden and The Nexus.
Aum will feature work of many different sound healers, guided meditation facilitators, theta and liberation therapists, shamans, and healers. The app functions as a modular space for weaving elements from all of the participants. The experience is a seamless blending of what you resonate with and need most in the moment.

The future is one of sovereignty and trust, of deep love between all beings.

The Nexus is a platform of information, tools, art, and products for enhanced learning and community interaction. It is a way to bring the benefits of Eden and Aum from the etheric and ground them in the physical.
Access information and your network seamlessly with The Nexus. Augmented Reality lens and quickly access information by indetifying works of art, elements of divination such as Tarot, the stars, and location specific information. Learn More

The Technologies

Virtual Reality is well on its way to be a staple in every home. With the Oculus Quest release being imminent, affordable and high quality VR with a high degree of immersion will become a household norm.

Virtual Reality gives us the potential to create fully immersive experiences that require the full trust of those deciding to partake. We create experiences that enlighten and connect humans. Our extensive background in game design as well as meditative and healing practices enables us to make experiences that appeal to the mainstream while sideloading them with the tools and skills to be loving and full humans.
We have created award winning content (Galactic Gallery) and cultivated partnerships with Oculus, Vive, Viveport, & Playstation. We are poised to create content to reach the masses with the launch of Oculus Quest and Vive Focus. We would love your support on this journey.

Augmented Reality allows us to mix virtual reality with the physical. These etheric overlays have the potential extend our access to information and beauty and blend it in a seamless manner.

We are exploring many potentials around visualing chi and bio-fields to enhance education around healing practices and teaching elements of chi-gong and tai chi. In the world of Eden this gives people outside of virtual reality windows into the virtual worlds that others are experiencing. Further, we can bring elements of these virtual worlds to blend and merge back into our own spaces - the gardens we cultivate, temples and altars we construct and the creatures that inhabit these places.
The Nexus is a platform of information and tools for enhanced learning and community interaction. AR provides a way quickly access and learn information by indetifying works of art, elements of divination such as Tarot, i-Ching, Gene Keys, Astrology, and site specific information for either community created events and calls to action or holy sites and locations. AI will further enhance the platform with the potential to have crowd sourced information be aggregated and disseminated in ways that enhance our collective experience and understanding of our living matrix.

The true power of Virtual & Augmented Reality lie in the Tools. These Tools combined with Artifical Intelligence are enabling a new golden age of creativity - the Etheric Age.

While we develop content for Virtual & Augmented reality, we continue to iterate and develop on our tool set. As we mature in what and how we create, we begin to design the tools to assist in this process. We have found a modular approach to tool design with fractal interfaces to be a staple for the new design paradigm. The modular approach allows for a lightweight set of tools to be selected based on the type of content you wish to create. Fractal interfaces enable degrees of accessible complexity to allow for tuning of tools and then solidifying back to a feel based state that is intuitive to use.
It is our to create a standard for tools and interaction in these emerging paradigms. Tools have the potential to intuitive and powerful and we can bypass the years of learning clunky interface and arbitrary design. Our test cases involve exposing people to VR who have never entered this medium and seeing how they work with and how quickly they learn how to engage with these tools.

Biofeedback at its core is the biological process of learning. We now have technologies to exponentially enhance this process.

Bio-Feedback is the physiological feedback loop of learning. We are now at a stage with affordable sensors to monitor things like heart rate variability and EEG with a depth of research surrounding the full potentials. Enhancing Bio-Feedback with Virtual & Augmented Reality as well as AI and wearable bio-monitoring tech allows people to learn new skills and meditation practices at unprecedented rates. We have the capacity to reach our full potential at exponential rates in non-invasive and truly supportive manners.
Our technology engages with you in a conversational and relaxed manner. Parsing these interactions allows access to tonal qualities, syntatic data from conversation, baseline levels of heart rate variability and eeg to name a few. We engage this data to craft personalized meditations and affirmations as well as selecting programs to run on healing technologies like Amp Coil to assist you on the healing journey. With the breadth of knowledge increasing exponentially and recent developments in Artifical Intelligence we now have the capacity to quickly learn an individuals baseline and assist them on their journey to develop their mind-body connection and clear core wounds and trauma.

Artificial Intelligence is the meta tool humanity's gift of creativity. The tools driven by AI begin to enhance our creativity by an order of magnitude to anything currently existing.

AI has come under a lot of scrutiny in the last few years. This is because most of humanity is still not clear and lives with deep wounding in a reactionary based approach to life. AI, like any technology, enhances the intentions of those behind it. The power of AI lies in its ability to fractalize our creativity.
Imagine you want to create a building. Given some basic parameters, AI is able to generate thousands of iterations and extrapolations of ideas as you are creating them. You are able to select from this holographic fractal of possibility those that align most with the vision of what you are wanting to create. You plug in parameters for efficiency and then it doubles back to create within constraints as well. Creativity at its core is human, AI's power lies on the ability to iterate and offer options based on ones clear intentions.'
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