The Galactic Gallery is an aesthetically driven experience exploring intersections between traditional art and the emerging meta mediums of virtual and augmented reality.

Traditional mediums are reimagined with effects only possible in a virtual reality and new methods of creating and interacting with art are explored. Paintings and sculpture by these artists are given special treatment to be more engaging in the Virtual environment with custom shaders and bespoke animation – layers extrapolated to give some paintings depth while others have subtle effects that are only possible in the digital realm. The sound design is specifically tailored for the SUBPAC physical audio device for an immersive experience.

The artists featured the gallery are Android Jones, Mars-1, Chris Dyer, Mugwort, Mear One, Xavi, Raul Casillas, Luke Brown, Amanda Sage, and Hans HaveronThe artwork was curated in part by Archival Ink Gallery.

Zach Krausnick: Visual and technical design on the project.
David Starfire: Co-conceptual designer, sound design, and music supervisor.

The Galactic Gallery will launch April 14th and will be available on and Steam.  The launch will coincide with presenting the experience at the VRLA conference in Los Angeles, Apri 14-15.